Ups and downs

Some days are easier than others, as in all walks of life, and sometimes all it takes is some trivial happening to switch your mood from positive to negative or vice versa. I chatted to someone earlier who made me question why I am doing this whole move. It is funny how, during emotional turmoil, all it takes is something small like maybe a negative sentiment to send your world spinning in a downward spiral. But then something equally innocuous can send it upwards into positive territory.

A move such as this – moving house, job, school, country – is always going to provide feelings of doubt and despair. That is only natural. On the one side there are all the things I shall miss: family, friends, karate club (I run a few clubs in my local area). On the other side there are all the things I shall gain: new friends, meeting family in new areas (more on that in a future post), finding a new karate club (though not running it, of course), trying new martial arts like maybe tai chi or aikido, skiing, beer festivals, Christmas markets, a change of scenery.

Fascinating. Just writing a list of what I shall lose and what I stand to gain from this move has made me feel more positive!

I have a good friend who is currently living in Romania. He moved there for work opportunities and, of course, has had (and continues to have) his own ups and downs with his life. But he continues along his chosen path relentlessly and positively. I know it isn’t easy for him, but I find his fortitude inspiring.

I also met with some friends yesterday and chatted about my move with them. They sent me a lovely message with a passage form a book discussing risk, and more importantly, the reward that can come from it. It was a very interesting piece of writing and, again, helped me get my thoughts in order.

I mentioned before that I have kept a memory back that means that, when having wobbly moments about the move (because of course, all I am confronted with is what I shall miss), all I need to do is remind myself that I’ll be fine out there (In the post: Should I stay or should I go …). And that has been a massive source of comfort to me.

Just that now, through friends and lists, I’ve found more.

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