Settling in

It is a strange feeling, wandering around a new house that you know will be your home for a few years. Knowing everything will become very familiar yet seeing everything strange. Boxes littering practically every square inch of the place. We have now moved in and are undergoing the rather tedious yet at the same time exciting process of unpacking boxes and trying to find a home for their contents.

A word to the wise: when packing for a move, look at the stuff you use most frequently and pack that in a clearly labelled box so that you can find it immediately upon arrival. I would include kettle, coffee machine, router and cables, bin bags, tea bags, coffee, and gadget chargers in that box. Your mileage may vary.

I stood in the kitchen earlier and looked at the layout, trying to decide what makes the most sense. Obviously, in your kitchen, you know where everything is and you understand the logic. But moving to a new place entails creating that logic from scratch.

The kitchen in this new house is quite large and, to my mind, well stocked with cupboards. This makes the job of unpacking slightly harder but will make living with the result that much easier, I feel. In looking at some of the drawers and cupboards, I found myself thinking:

I’ll have to buy more stuff to fill these drawers!

Then I stopped, fortunately. What was I thinking? Add clutter to fill the gap? Just what I was trying to correct. So I shall try to be content with the space I have: I shall endeavour to keep whole drawers and cupboards empty. Sure, occasionally I might need to buy something new, but hopefully that will be to replace an outgoing item rather than add to the collection. I have set aside two large drawers to be empty. My aim is to keep them so.

Then, maybe, I will have started to learn.

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