A Letter

I felt compelled to write to the PM. Here is my letter. I wonder if I shall get a considered response?

Dear Mrs May

I shall keep this brief since if ever you get to read this, your time is very valuable.

I am compelled to write to you about your definition of democracy, because I think that it died in the UK with the Brexit vote.

1. David Cameron made the Brexit vote offer to try to stem losses from the Conservative party to UKIP. A horrible misjudgement that ultimately cost him his job. It would be kind to suggest he had the honour to fall on his sword. The truth is that he opened Pandora’s Box and ran.
2. During the vote, prominent ministers were allowed to lie with impunity. The UK has never sent £350M to the EU, but instead of Boris Johnson being punished for this, you actually promoted him to the post of Foreign Secretary. That is not democracy.
3. The will of the people was never to leave the EU with a hard Brexit. Some voted to leave with a Norway style deal, some with a Canadian style deal, some with a Swiss style deal and some voted Brexit “to give the Tories a good kicking”. And of course, many believed – and still believe – the Boris Johnson lie. And as soon as the sham of a vote hobbled over the finishing line, the door was locked and the keys thrown away. That is not democracy.
4. In a true democracy, people are allowed to change their minds when new information comes to light, or when cheating, lies, and even law breaking are uncovered. This is being suppressed. You are suppressing it.
5. In a true democracy, people would not be threatened with violence and death or be called a traitor for expressing their view on Brexit. This is happening under your watch!
6. Of course, people like Jacob Rees-Mogg and John Redwood will be cushioned from the pain that Brexit is causing and will cause due to their immense wealth (John Redwood, for example, has been reported as warning his clients not to invest in the UK). Nigel Lawson recently applied for French Residency, so he is ok. But the ordinary people will suffer for many years to come.

You can still stop this nightmare from happening.

Sadly, doing so will likely cost you your own job. But soldiers serve the country and often give their lives to do so. You would be doing much less in comparison, yet could serve the country so much more. Please understand I am not asking you to resign. I merely urge you to do the right thing and stop the destruction of our once great nation.

If you are able to answer my simply question, I would say that in order to forestall any time wasting platitudes, please note I am not interested in any notion of how Britain will be wonderful and powerful after Brexit. The freedoms enjoyed by my generation are being dismantled for that of my children and grandchildren. A minority voted for a hard Brexit – at best – and all evidence now points to a reversal of even that vote, so repeating the manta “It was the will of the people” is even less accurate now than it was before, and it has never truly held water.

I am therefore very keen to understand what you mean by the word “democracy”, because from everything I have learned, it is very different from mine.

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