Nowhere to Hide

The following is a true story. It just hasn’t happened yet …

An exploration of the less salubrious side of IT. Jane is an attractive young manager of a software development company. She becomes the target of Pete, a voyeuristic IT expert who uses easily available technology to spy on her private life. Upon seeing the intimate footage could be valuable, he sets upon a course of blackmail, leading to terrible consequences.

Zac is a gifted, young PhD student. When he finds out that his final thesis, a piece of work surely setting him upon a brilliant career, has been stolen, he finds himself in great trouble and has no option but to succumb to the blackmail that follows.

The story follows the lives of Jane and Zac as they are targeted by two very different attackers. It explores areas of IT that people would prefer not to think about, and some of the consequences we could all be subject to.

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