Going mobile

Before I start my new job, I thought it only fair to get myself a German mobile number. I am sure I shall soon outlive my “fair use while roaming” allowance and anyway, my new work colleagues are presumably going to need a means to call me without incurring massive costs.

The only problem is (was) that mobile phone tariffs are expensive in Germany. A quick stroll down the high street will show you the big boys, O2, Vodafone, and T-Mobile spring to mind. A typical SIM only contract price is €25 per month for 2 Gig of data (with calls and texts). This is for a 24 month contract – and don’t forget the €30 connection charge. I kid you not!

Fortunately, a friend of mine (thank you Christian) introduced me to a price comparison web site. He told me he uses it a lot (which is the best recommendation) and has managed to save a lot of money through it. So I took a look and managed to find 3 Gig data (again with calls and texts), also on O2, for €10 per month (with no connection charge and €50 cash back). I could have received a more expensive, but also more flexible deal had I opted for a monthly contract, but decided not to on this occasion: I’ll try this out and then see if I should also use it for my children. It is interesting to note that children typically get a €5 monthly reduction, just for being children.

The site also gives prices for an array of requirements such as tyres (I’ll need those – more in a future post), electricity and even holidays.

Happy days.

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